Game is still under development, but you can already now make your very own pixeldog!
Still free from ads and transactions!

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30/9: New emojis
You can now buy emojis in the ability shop, which you activate via your sniffing-profile

12/7: New trading- funktion is ready!
To make it easier and safer to trade, we now have the pleasure of presenting a new trading function!

Tap a friend and select «trade» to bring up the trading window.

26/6-22: Fanny pack!
From today, some hats and objects will end up in your fanny pack instead of taking up space in your backpack!

In other words, an extra backpack with infinite space for certain specific things such as washing spray, key cards, collectibles and the like. Look for 'fanny pack' inside the sniffing-profile for a better overview

27/2-22: The architect ability is finally here!
Click here to read a guide on how to use it (translation is in progress).

10/10-21: Abilities!
We have the pleasure of presenting a major update, which helps to make everyday life in Hundeparken even more alive and exciting, namely abilities!

The ability overview can be found in your sniffing-profile

New shop update!
In the future, it will be possible to buy a hat in the shop, for another hat, kb and / or karma.

23rd of November
at 19:00
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