New important information regarding compensation and transfer
Because of many error messages due to a visual error that may occur in the compensation system, we have to do it again.
All users are still saved, from Sunday 08.05.22.
Compensation will immediately begin to be issued later today.

To make it easier to catch errors, we have added a screenshot before submitting where to approve the selected selections.

Click here to access the submission form

How to do it?
1. Sign in with all your Google Accounts at once
2. Choose which one will be your main dog / main user.
3. For each of the dogs, you can choose whether to compensate for it, or whether it should be replaced with a dog from your main user.
* Please note that if you replace your dogs, you will be compensating the dog that ends up on your main user.
* If your dog turns one within the next 60 days, the compensation will be added automatically, even if you have already transferred your dog.
4. A screen will appear showing your selections. Go through them carefully to verify that they are correct and select «Approve» if they are correct.
5. The changes can not be undone once they have been submitted, and users will be closed continuously after they have been submitted.

Compensation for users who lose dogs

Everyone who loses dogs receives the following compensation:
1. Transfer of your own dogs to the main user you are to keep (3 pcs)
2. We transfer bones (kb) from dogs you lose to your main user.
3. 150 bones in compensation per year on the dogs you lose.
4. Bones in compensation for level points on the dogs you lose.

How to calculate compensation for level points:
The number of kb for levelpoints is calculated as follows: levelpoints * 8.5

Remember that levelpoints vary based on how far you have come on the karma bar, therefore the numbers here are not 100%

The calculations therefore look like this:
Ninja = 11,501kb
Juggler = 5,585kb
Spacedog = 2,975kb
Waterdog = 1,530kb
Trackdog = 697kb
Sleddog = 26kb

We have calculated this value, based on an estimate of time one would spend on collecting and using karma.

How to get compensation
Follow this link to submit your information.

From and including 08.05.22 to 07.07.22 at 23:59 (60 days) you have the opportunity to have dogs / meat bones transferred. After this date, it will no longer be possible.

Once we have transferred dogs, bones and arranged kobbels, the users you lose will be deactivated so that you can not log in to them again

All information from all users will be obtained on Sunday 08.05.22, therefore you must have used up the karma on your dogs by that date. If you have not used up the karma, you will end up further down the levelpoint list.

What does the change mean for me who does not have more users / dogs to transfer
Everyone will be assigned a random kobbel based on the 3 dogs you keep on your main user.