An overview of ongoing and / or future competitions and events arranged by or in collaboration with the Hundeparken administration.

3/10 - Last dog standing kl. 20:00

Tuesday 3th of October at 20:00 Last dog standing is taking place at Lekeplassen!

Last dog standing takes place so that all users stand in a square in a marked area. The organizers have sugar-free molotovs (molotovs that do not take away karma when they explode) which they give to 1-3 of the users, who then throw them at the dog next to them. The bomb explodes randomly, and the dogs that are blown up are out of the competition.
In the end, you are left with 1 that has not been blown up, which is then the winner.

Get out the paint brushes, sharpen the pencils and update the drawing tablet! Are you ready for this years **Inktober 2023** with a twist?

As of **today 1 october to 31 october at 23:59 o’clock** you can draw an exciting Hundeparken art every day - or every week!
You choose all by yourself if you want to draw 1 drawing every week, with help of the themes, or if you want to draw 1 drawing every day. Choose the one that suits you best!

This year's Inktober 2023 means that we in FK choose 5 contributions every week, who will receive one ticket each. We are going to choose 5 contributions every Sunday for four weeks. At the end of october we will draw lots and have some happy winners! ⭐


  • It is not allowed to use AI!
  • You can draw how many you want, but only one drawing can be in the competition.
  • You need to hashtag the drawing you choose with #myinktober.

From today 1 of october until 31 october you can start to create. Good luck!
Post your photos in #🦇inktober-2023.

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