An overview of ongoing and / or future competitions and events arranged by or in collaboration with the Hundeparken administration.

17/8 - Filmquiz
at 19:00
18/8 - Pokemon Go -
Social event
at 19:30
21/8 Deadline: “What movie is it?”
24/8 Deadline: Moviescene

Festkomitéen would like to invite all of you to a “movieweek” with cozy events alle week, so find your popcorn and join us for an amazing week!

Here is a small overview of the week:
Monday, august 15 - august 24 - “Make a moviescene/cartoon strip”. This is a competition where you work together in a team of 2, FK picks the teams out of the registered.

Wednesday, august 17 - august 21 - “What movie is it?” There is hidden object in the park with a clue on what movie the object stands for.

Wednesday august 17 - “Movie Quiz”. Find all your knowledge and come and join a cozy evening with good questions!

We hope we’re getting a wonderful week, where it is about collaboration, creativity and knowledge! See you in the park!

Festkomitéen would like to invite all of you to a movie quiz! Wednesday august 17 at 19.00 (7PM) at Lekeplassen.

Here it is important to know your movies and be fast! All dogs stand on a line and the first one to answer correctly may move a step forward. We’ll do that, until the 2 first dogs are on the finish line.


  • It’s okay to talk, but not while FK is saying the questions. It’s easier for us to check the textlog in that way.
  • Spelling errors are NOT allowed, but it doesn’t matter if you write your answer with big or small letters.
  • You may answer in danish, norwegian, swedish and english.
  • If you disrupt the competition or are disrespectful to others, you will be muted and possibly kicked.

There will be 2 winners. We’re looking forward to seeing you to a cozy movie night!

Find your inner instructor/screenwriter and make a wonderful moviescene or cartoon strip in this competition!

From the film clip below 2 dogs have to work together to make a moviescene/cartoon strip from the park. You will have to work together two and two on one team, which FK selects from the registered. You can register at [email protected], remember to write your dog- and username.

It’s now about working together filming/taking pictures in the park and making a reproduction of the movie clip, where you have to interpret the script yourself (what the scene is about). It’s allowed to make a movie, but you can also make a cartoon strip with screenshots from the park. When the Festkomitéen have picked the teams on wednesday august 17, you have until wednesday august 24 at 23.59 (11.59 PM) to post your contribution. The contributions must be posted in the channel #filmscene-2022. Festkomitéen will then pick the winners and those will be announced on Lekeplassen friday august 26 at 19.00 (7PM).

There will be four winners (two teams)

We’re looking forward to see your collaboration skills and great contribution in the channel!

Do you know your movies? You are about to find out! From today there are 10 hidden objects in the park, who has a clue to it. It’s now up to you to guess what movie the object is referring to. Send your answer to our mail: [email protected] latest sunday august 21 at 15.00 (3PM). Write “What movie is it?” in the topic section and remember your user- and dog name. Add a picture of each object with the description + answer on the task.


  • It’s allowed to send multiple mails, if you find out you answered wrong in the first one. But remember to add all 10 objects, even if you’ve already sent one, so we have them all collected in the same mail.
  • If you’re sending after the deadline, your mail isn’t applicable.
  • It’s allowed to help each other with the tasks.

There will be 3 winners of the competition and it will be drawn randomly among all correct answers.

Questions & Answers Pokemon Go (Social Event)

In conjunction with the fact that so many of you in Hundeparken also play Pokemon Go, I have now assembled an expert team who will answer everything you wonder about the game!

Until Thursday 18 August, you can submit questions about anything you wonder about Pokemon Go to the experts here on Discord, or to us at [email protected] It will also be possible to ask questions you come up with directly on Lekeplassen.

I would like to remind you that no question is stupid. During the event, there must be complete openness so that new players and self-proclaimed experts can ask questions. It will also be possible to offer tips and advice yourself, and general discussion regarding which pokemons are better than others, what pokemons you should keep and what you can remove, etc.

The event will be next Thursday, August 18 at 19:30, at Lekeplassen.

Pokemon Go Experts:

// Iria ♥