An overview of ongoing and / or future competitions and events arranged by or in collaboration with the Hundeparken administration.

11/12 - Gift Wars
at 19:00

🎁 Welcome to Gift Wars - A Christmas version of Bush Wars! 🎁
This contest will be held on the 11th of December at 19:00

For this contest you are allowed to choose a partner to make a team of 2!
Please submit your names to [email protected] before 10. December 23:59 to ensure that you will be on the same team.

Before the contest starts, you will be put together with another random team, so you will have 4 dogs on your team in total.

Two teams of 4 dogs will battle each other for 3 minutes to get as many points as possible. The team with the most points when the timer runs out will win the round. This continues until only one team is left, who will then win the competition!

In order to get a point, you must push a gift to your team’s colored tile. You can steal gifts from the other team or sabotage them. There will be two different kinds of gifts.

White and small = 1 point.
Blue and tall = 5 points

In the final rounds, molotovs disguised as gifts will be dropped at the fire sign. You can pick these up to bomb the opposing team.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to move gifts when you are holding a molotov or have been bombed. You must throw the molotov or pick up one of the dropped sprays by the snowman and wash yourself before you can move gifts again.

- You are not allowed to warp (use ninja skill)
- You are not allowed to stand on the gifts to block. If you step on one, step off as quickly as you can.
- Do not hoard molotovs or wash sprays!
- The round starts on “GO” and stops on “STOP”
- Any gifts that have been moved after “STOP” will not count.
- Make sure to have enough backpack spaces before we move onto the final rounds
- Participants are not allowed to talk during the rounds

🎁 We formally present to you: A Christmas Mystery! 🎁
All throughout December, you’ll be able to join this event full of puzzles and fun!
You’ll be able to participate at any point, even if you’ve missed a part! So join us by following the news here on the website or the discord server!

We wish you a Happy December!
- FK

A bunch of mysterious presents have appeared in the park… Who do they belong to, and why are they here?

One wintery evening while doing some testing in the park, one of our field researchers stumbled upon a present hidden behind a tree. This being an incredibly rare and suspicious event, we decided to look more into it.

After doing some more totally legal investigative work, we have reason to believe that there are about 10 more presents to be found. We’d go look for them ourselves, but we’re too busy with planning, so..

Task: Find all of the hidden presents in the park! Screenshot them and send a mail with the subject “Presents” to [email protected] along with the pictures, your dog name and username! You have until the 4th of december 23:59 to submit the answer!

All of the presents have been found and sent to our team to be analyzed. According to our research, it appears as if the presents have magical properties that are unique to a very special dog. Santa Paws!

We have to find him and give back the presents! Luckily for us, our field researcher has discovered a magical gate. The only thing is, we don’t know how to unlock it! Please help us find the code!

Task: Discover the secret code and send it to our team at [email protected] with the subject “Magical Gate” along with your dog name and username. You have until the 11th of december 23:59 to submit the answer!

TIP: 3 trees in the park seem to have some kind of inscription on the trunk.. Maybe it means something?

❣ IMPORTANT: Please don’t share the answer with other dogs! We don’t want someone to get there before our team has the chance to investigate! Naughty dogs will have their submission revoked!


The Social Media team presents ADVENT CALENDAR where YOU have the opportunity to become the lucky winner of GLITTERJESUS ​​ROSA.

Every Advent Sunday at 20:00, we will draw a winner LIVE through a random number generator on Hundeparken's Discord. The winner will be announced on discord, instagram and facebook. ⭐

🕓 This competition will run until last Advent at 20:00 on 18.12.2022.

Click the link below to to participate


If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to one from the Social Media team members.

We wish you good luck! ❤️