Application to Festkomitéen:
The Festkomité is a group of 4 users who organize competitions and events for Hundeparken. The users who are on the Festkomitéen are replaced after 2 months.

When you apply to join the Festkomité, you will organize competitions and events for 2 months with the other members. During the period you are a member, half of the group will be replaced.
You must have Discord to be able to communicate with the other members.
There is no requirement that you have to speak in voice with the others.

What do you get for joining the Festkomité?

  • Your own hat in the desired color/pattern (within the template we have)
  • Speech bubble with a stronger color that matches your dog's color
  • FK badge next to the rank
  • Skills in the form of the architect, color roulette spinning wheel etc. (This will be removed when you are no longer in FK)

For joining for 2 months, you get a total of 10,000kb (5,000kb per month) and 1 glass-star in salary.

Additional information:
You can be selected to be part of the Festkomité several times, even if you have been selected previously.
All the applications will be saved. You can send your application whenever you want.

This is something we will try out over a period of time, to give more users the chance to take part in organizing competitions, without being bound over a long period. It also gives you the opportunity to get to know each other crosswise.

Your application must contain:
Application text:

Send the information to [email protected]