> Chat
> Bones & digging
> Karma
> Visdomsberget
> Rank
> Pack
> Coma
> Sniffing
> Friends
> Sniffing profile
> Life-points
> Backpack
> Take on/off hat
> Sound & Effects
> Shops

CHAT - How do i chat?

Press the spacebar button on your keyboard to open the chat-bubble.
Write, then push ENTER on your keyboard to send what you wrote.

To see what everyone else has written, press the in the bottom left corner to open the chatlog.

BONES & DIGGING - What is it, and how do I get it?

Bones is the currency of the park.
To get bones you need to dig in the dirt or sand. Click «Dig» by right clicking your dog and a bone will sometimes appear above the head of your dog, which indicates that you’ve found a bone.

KARMA - What is it used for, and how do I get it?

Karma is points you collect to be able to enter Visdomsberget, in order to rise in rank. To get karma, you can sniff yourself or others. Eventually, as you rise in rank, your dog will learn new abilites you can use to collect karma easier.

You can only collect a maximum of 50 karmapoints per day.

VISDOMSBERGET - What is it, and what’s its purpose?

Visdomsberget, roughly translated to The mountain of Wisdom, can be found north in the park, in the room called Nordpoten. In Visdomsberget, you’ll have to answer the given questions correctly in order to rise in rank. If you pick the wrong answer, you’ll lose the karma-points you paid to enter, without any other side effects.

You need a minimum of 15 karmapoints in order to enter.

RANK - What’s that?

Through entering Visdomsberget, your dog will eventually reach a new rank. Each rank has its own abilities, which you will be able to use throughout your dog's life. With each rank, the number of questions you need to answer will increase. You can keep an eye on your karma-bar to see how long you have left before reaching the next rank.

PACK - What is it?

When you make a new dog, it will be born into a random pack. There are 6 different packs, and each of them has its own cave, with a unique shop. You only have access to your pack’s cave.

KOMA - What is that, and how?

When you put your dog in a coma, it means that you’ve temporary left the computer.

In order to put your dog in a coma, push in the bottom corner, or the arrow key down on the keyboard.

SNIFFING - How to sniff another dog?

In order to bring up the sniffing profile button, right click the dog you want to sniff. You can also hold down the left mouse button to bring up the same menu. Click «Sniff» and the sniffing profile will open.

FRIENDS - How do I befriend another dog?

To become friends with another dog, right-click on the dog, or hold down the left mouse button and select «friend».
If another dog sends you a friend request, a bubble will appear above your dog, where’ll you’ll have to accept or deny the request.
Once you’ve befriended another dog, the dog will appear in your friend list on your sniffing profile.

You must have achieved the rank Sledehund to be able to send a friend request to another dog.


The sniffing profile is your dog’s user-profile, and you’ll find it by sniffing yourself. You can also find other dog’s sniffing profiles by sniffing them.
There you can find an overview of friends, hats kept in your backpack and your dog's life-points.

LIFEPOINTS - Can my dog die?

Yes, your dog will die if you don’t take care of it. The day your dog is born, you recieve 60 lifepoints. You lose 1 lifepoint every day, but recieve 7 life-point per daily login to the park.
If your dog is rewarded in the sniffing profile by another user, you will be awarded 1 life-point, and this can exceed 60 points while you are inactive, but it will reset the day you log in if you have exceeded 60 life-points.

BACKPACK - What is that?

The backpack is where you store your hats.
All dogs start with 5 storage spaces, and you get a new space each time your dog ages a year until there’s a total of 18 spaces.

PUT ON/TAKE OFF HAT - How do I do it?

In order to dress your dog with a hat, you’ll first have to click on the hat in your backpack at the bottom right corner. Once that’s done, you click on the big pink square - then the hat will appear on your back.
Once the hat is on your back, you right click on your dog, and pick «Put on» from the menu.
In order to remove a hat placed on the head, pick «Take off».
In order to remove a hat placed in the mouth, pick «Take out».

SOUNDS & EFFECTS - How do I turn off sounds, and where do I find it?

In the bottom left you'll find a few buttons:

SOUND: You can turn off the sound effects by pushing . Here you can choose between only turning off the sound of barking (Sound FX) or background sound (Atmosphere).

SEARCH: Search is used to find the sniffing profile of a dog that’s currently not present in the room. Push . Type in the dog's name, and push «Sniff».

OPTIONS: Here you’ll find different options for the game.
Transparent bubble: Is a dog writing long, annoying messages? Take the cursor over the chat-bubble to make it transparent.

Outlined bubble: If someone mentions your dog's name in the park, their chat-bubble will be outlined with a pink glow. This can be turned on and off.

Auto coma: Do you wish for your dog to automatically be put in a coma if you’ve been inactive for a while? Then check this option with a green checkmark.

Hide drop/give function: Afraid of transferring a hat by accident? Or dropping a hat unintentionally? Tick the box called “hide drop/give function” in options to hide them from the drop-down menu.

Dynamic scaling: If you prefer to play with a zoom size other than 100% or 200% without seeing split pixels, mark the box called «dynamic scaling» in options.

REPORT: If you experience that someone is breaking the rules, then you can report the dog. Click , and check the correct category. If you wish to explain the situation, or deem certain details important, you can write in the text-box below. The report will be forwarded to a moderator immediately. Only serious reports will be considered.


The shops are updated sporadically. They do NOT update on a schedule.
This means that you can never know:

  • When new hats will appear in the shop.
  • When hats might be replaced.
  • The number of each hat available.
  • Whether hats will reappear at a later date or not, be it 1 week, 3 years, or not at all.
  • Each hat’s price can change.
    The Gladiator hat costs 3000 bones today. However, it is unknown if the same Gladiator will reappear in a different shop in, say, 1 year for 5000 bones.

    Some hats will be contest rewards, and these hats might appear in a shop after, for example, 2 months – or perhaps they might never be sold again? You will never know.

    The reason behind this system is that we wish for every player to have an equal chance of purchasing desirable items. Perhaps you might lack the funds at the correct time? You will then have to trade or otherwise hope that the hat will reappear later.