Here you can read the rules that apply whenever you play Hundeparken (The Dogpark).
As a user of Hundeparken, these rules apply to you, and should be followed as such.

In case of violation of the rules you will recieve a warning, and in case of repeated violations, it will lead to exclusion from the park for a limited time, or permanent depending on the extent of the offence.

If the rules have been violated on a large scale, Hundeparken’s administrators can delete the profile of the offender, and deny the user further access to the game. If serious offenses are committed, a police report may be relevant.

A simple rule of thumb:
You should treat others as you wish to be treated.


> General behaviour
> Personal information
> Cheating
> Theft, hats & trading
> Hundeparken's Discord server
> Advertising
> Purchase & sale
> Hundeparken's intellectual property
> Userdesign
> Administrators, moderators and developers
> Reports

General behaviour

  • Do not discuss individual people or individual cases. This includes any type of slandering relating to specific incidents and the people involved.
  • Bullying, spreading false rumors about others, harassment, discriminatory or other offensive behavior and language is not allowed.
  • Hundeparken is welcoming to everyone. Have common sense and avoid offensive statements with regards to ethnicity, orientation, political views or similar sensitive topics. Failure to adhere to the terms of this rule will result in warnings. Recurring offensive or otherwise misleading behavior may lead to user termination.
  • Behaviour or conversations that can be interpreted as offensive are not acceptable.
  • Sex-talk:
    • Behaviour that may be offensive to children is prohibited.
    • Talking about sex is forbidden, unless it is talked about in a way that shows consideration for others, and is not offensive.
  • Hundeparken is a game designed for teens and adults, but everyone is welcome. We, therefore, request that younger players are taken into consideration as well.
  • Spam:
    • Spamming is not allowed in the park. This means repeating the same message several times. The same goes for barking and farting several times.

Personal information

  • Do not share personal information in the park. Examples of this could be:
    • E-mail
    • Phone number
    • Surname
    • Adress
    • Other private applications
  • If you still choose to share personal information publicly, it is done at your own risk. Remembe that everyone can read what you write in the game.
  • Sharing other users' personal information in the park is prohibited.


  • It is only allowed to have 1 user in Hundeparken. One user consists of a maximum of 3 dogs.
    • It is NOT permitted to use another user to buy, hold or exchange hats. Each user must have their own individual and social Hundeparken life.
    • If you create or use several users, these will be banned.
    • Repeated offenses can have permanent consequences for the users involved.
  • It is forbidden to cheat in order to recieve more karmapoints, bones, hats and life-points.
  • It is forbidden to use programs that automatically performs tasks for you in the game. For example, programs that makes the cursor move and click on its own.

    Users who break this rule, will be banned from Hundeparken.

Theft, hats & trading

  • It is forbidden to steal from other users.
    • Hats are lent out at your own risk. If you lose a hat due to loans or theft not seen by a moderator, the hat will not be returned.
    • If you regret a trade you made and the other party does not want to trade back, we can not do anything about it. A trade is a trade.

Hundeparken's Discord server

  • Violations of rules in the Hundeparken’s official Discord server, can also lead to penalties in Hundeparken.


  • It is not permitted to advertise other products and other websites in Hundeparken.
    • Examples of products that are not allowed, may be if you sell products according to the business model multi-marketing. For example: Mary Kay, Herbalife and Tupperware.
    • If your dog has it’s own website, you can choose to share it in our forums.

Purchase & sale

  • It is not allowed to swap dogs, profiles, hats or other Hundeparken related things to none-Hundeparken related things. That means things from other places on the web, IRL things, toys and services.
  • It is not allowed to buy or sell dogs or other Hundeparken-related things for real money.
  • Profiles, dogs and hats that are for sale, or have already been bought/sold for non-Hundeparken things will be deleted. If this occurs, you will be banned from Hundeparken, and the profile/dog/hat in question will be removed.
  • Trading hats for digital art is allowed, but you do so at YOUR OWN risk. We do not recommend this type of trading due to part of the trade taking place outside of Hundeparken's domain, thus heightening the chance of being tricked.

Hundeparken's intellectual property

  • The owners of Hundeparken, own Hundeparken, the graphics and the concept that is Hundeparken.
  • User profiles, dogs, graphics and virtual objects in the park belong to the owners of Hundeparken. We make the park and forum available to anyone who wants to play, chat with others and participate in activities with users.
  • It is not allowed to use Hundeparken’s graphics and concept to create their own version of the game.


  • All graphics handed over to Hundeparken by a user, belongs to the user by right, but gives Hundeparken free use forever.

Administrators, moderators and developers

  • It is forbidden to pretend to be a administrator, moderator or developer in Hundeparken.
    Click here to see who the administrators, moderators and developers in Hundeparken are.
  • It is not allowed to reveal whether a moderator/administrator/dev is in the room, if it is invisible. It is also not allowed to reveal what time they have been invisible in the room, when they come visibly back into the room.


  • It is forbidden to make false reports, based on false accusations.
    • A false report is to report another user, for something they have not done.
  • It is forbidden to lie in reports.
  • It is forbidden to make reports «for fun».